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TD-3 Techpan Developer

4 Stars

Product Description

Formulary's TD-3 Technical Pan Film Developer is an original formulation by William Troop. It is a unique, non-Phenidone based film developer offered exclusively by the Formulary. This developer, when used to process Kodak Technical Pan film. yields negatives with unique clarity, high acutance, and superlative low contrast gradation. With TD-3 development there is a true increase with most developers. The combination of Tech Pan film and TD-3 allows grainless 16x20 prints to be made. An average of 20 rolls of film can be developed with the small kit, 80 with the medium size kit and 120 with the large kit. The shelf life of the stock solutions is one year, the working solution is used only once. Shipped as a liquid concentrate.


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  1. Frozen Tech Pan lives again! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 22nd Sep 2016

    I purchased the 250 ml concentrate TD-3 developer recently to process 4 rolls of Tech Pan, exp. 10/1998 which I'd been keeping in my freezer. After testing with part of the first roll, I exposed the remainder at e.i. 50, and developed it for 22 minutes using agitation plan B.
    The negatives appear much the same on the lightbox as those from the same film batch developed in Technidol 20 years ago, except for a bit of a brownish cast. Scanned, they are grainless and have the same long scale with creamy whites and rich detailed blacks as the Technidol originals. I shall reserve my remaining rolls for special projects. The TD-3 is great stuff!

  2. Great results with Tech Pan 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 2nd Aug 2016

    I bought some Tech Pan that had been in storage, and I spent some effort researching how to get best results in processing.

    When I tried TD-3, I was thrilled with the results. There was no apparent film grain even when scanned at 6400 dpi. The contrast and tonal range was beautiful. It would be difficult with other films to duplicate the contrast range while maintaining detail.

    I would recommend keeping the lighting low key and letting the film do what it does.

  3. Good results with Rollei ATP 1.1 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 27th Jun 2016

    I also purchased this developer to use with Rollei's rebranded microfilm, ATP 1.1 in 35mm (no longer available). Since another reviewer asked I'm writing about my approach to processing the film with TD-3. Definitely not a general purpose film, I only had good results with lower contrast scenes. I rated the film at ISO 16, developing temperature 68 degrees, I followed agitation scheme A for 14 minutes. This and printing with a 1 filter worked for me. Those shots that were "nailed" had exceptional detail and smooth gradations. I also tried using this developer with another microfilm, "Bluefire Police," but I was never able to get anything but a highly "posterized" looking image. YMMV

  4. Not for Rollei ATP 1.1 3 Star Review

    Posted by on 19th Jul 2015

    I purchased this developer to test as an alternative to the over-priced Rollei proprietary developer for their ATP 1.1. I tried the standard dilution with the recommended agitation procedure, as well as the low contrast dilution with the recommended agitation procedure for that. The ATP was far too contrasty; it's a different beast from Kodak TP. However, I'm using TD-3 in the high contrast dilution for satisfactory results with X-ray duplicating film. (For Rollei ATP I ended up using Anneman-Gainer POTA -- TEA, phenidone, metol, borax, and C -- which produces excellent negatives. If anyone has succeeded with ATP in this developer, I would love to hear from them.)

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